You found me!

website pictureThank you for visiting my website. Whether you are wondering if you can offer me work, have clicked on the link from an email or found me by a search engine, do browse around, and get in touch on the contact page if you want to ask me anything?

This website should give an idea of the services I can provide, and a bit about me and my background. Please click on the page links for further details. It is still work in progress, so bear with me.

In the meantime you can reach me through the contact page

In brief, my company was established in 2009, specialising in primary care health informatics consultancy services to NHS and private bodies.  I do have childcare responsibilities, so am only looking at part time work.

I am a Past Chair of the British Computer Society Primary Health Care Specialist Group, remaining on the Committee, and have served as Vice Chair to the BCS Health Executive, and also on the United Kingdom Council for Health Informatics Professions (UKCHIP) ruling council.  I have now been elected (2019) as an Associate to the RCGP Faculty of Clinical Informatics.