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Travel truly does widen the mind!  The blog links below will give details of some of our travels across the world.IMG_3384

The picture used on this site was taken in Doubtful Sound in New Zealand, on a 24 hour cruise on a privately hired motor cruiser with our own chef and pilot.  Sounds ridiculously elitist and expensive, but not nearly as dear as it sounds, happy to give you the details!

Round the world In 2012 we decided to literally go round the world, flying west.  Las Vegas, Fiji, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and home via Hong Kong and Singapore.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

Message from Fiji

W Canada and the USA Having had the trip of a lifetime, we set off on another, shorter one in 2015, this time touring the west side of Canada and the various parts of the USA.  The Rockies and bears were amazing, then Oregon, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, New York, and home on an upgraded Princess Grill Suite on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2.

Macchu Pichu In 2016 the Foads adventures stretched out to Macchu Pichu and the Amazon Rainforest, via Canada (yes, I know, but it worked out the cheapest air fare!)  You can follow our adventures on, hope you enjoy it!








Kenya with Compassion  The next blog is different.  In February 2017 I went on my own to Kenya to meet the child I have been sponsoring since 2002, now 19 with a child of her own.  A true insight into how those in poverty have to live in Kenya, it changed my life.

See Roz in Kenya


In September 2017 we were off again to St Petersburg and Moscow, taking the journey between the two by train. 

Heading east again, we ticked several items off the bucket list in India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China in February 2018

In June 2019 we returned to Kenya, the pair of us this time, to visit our sponsored children, go on safari, and visit Zanzibar, where we got to stroke a lion, tiger and cheetah!

In January 2019 we decided to visit the remaining continent, Antarctica.  Little did we know, as we set off, the trauma that was heading towards the entire world in the shape of the Corona virus.  We were so lucky to get back just in time, a sister ship was caught in Japan, you may recall the fate of the Diamond Princess.

This is the tale of our travels in South America and Antarctica.