Mara arrival

This will have to be brief, as the blog I wrote has disappeared before I could upload it, and we have an early game drive tomorrow.  The wifi here at the Mara Engai is around 4 mps, not enough to upload photos, so many apologies, will have to wait until we get to back to Nairobi on Monday.  Just when you were hoping to see animals, I am felling very frustrated!

Leaving Kisumu was a bit gutwrenching, as I don’t think I will be seeing Jecinter again, or even hearing how she is getting on.

We had two quick flights to get here, one in a standard Kenya airways jet, and one in one that looked as though it had been resurrected from a vintage aircraft museum!  We landed on a dirt strip clearing, and were whisked off to the hotel in a six wheeled vehicle by our own personal guide, Ekai.

Animals see today included giragges, elephants, buffalo, ostriches, hyena cubs, baboons, Thompson and Grant’s gazelles, Topi,

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